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LAGOS2013 Accepted Posters

Aline Castro. Hamiltonicity on the Fibonacci and the Lucas Cubes.
Luerbio Faria, Natália Souza, Paulo Pinto and Moysés Sampaio. Optimum modular check digit systems.
Warley Gramacho, Antonio Mucherino and Carlile Lavor. A new algorithm for the Discretizing Vertex Order Problem.
Frederic Havet, Ana Karolinna Maia and Joseph Yu. Complexity of greedy edge-colouring.
Wendel Melo, Marcia Helena Costa Fampa and Fernanda Raupp. A heuristic algorithm for binary Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming.
Michelli Maldonado, Socorro Rangel and Alistair Clark. Tight Scheduling Constraints for the Integrated Lot Sizing and Scheduling Problem.
Guillermo Durán, Pablo A Rey and Patricio Wolff. Solving the Operating Room Scheduling Problem using Mathematical Programming.

LAGOS 2013 Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers: 60.
Submitted Papers: 131.

Vitor Costa, Simone Dantas and Dieter Rautenbach. Matchings in Graphs of Odd Regularity and Girth
Carlos V. Lima, Nicolas A. Martins, Leonardo Sampaio, Marcio C. Santos and Ana Silva. b-chromatic index of graphs
Andreas Brandstadt, Simone Esposito, Loana Nogueira and Fabio Protti. Clique cycle transversals in distance hereditary graphs (extended abstract)
Gerard Cohen, Emanuela Fachini and Janos Korner. More on connector families
Tiziana Calamoneri and Rossella Petreschi. Graphs with Dilworth Number Two are Pairwise Compatibility Graphs
Simone Dantas, Luerbio Faria, Celina Figueiredo and Rafael Teixeira. The generalized split probe proble
Silvia Beatriz Tondato and Marisa Gutierrez. Special asteroidal quadruple on directed path graph non rooted path graph.
Deepan Basu, Bhaswar Bhattacharya and Sandip Das. Almost Empty Monochromatic Triangles in Planar Point Sets
Ramon Lopes, Vitor A. A. Souza and Alexandre Salles Da Cunha. A Branch-and-price Algorithm for the Multi-Vehicle Covering Tour Problem
Julio Araujo, Grégory Morel, Leonardo Sampaio, Ronan Soares and Valentin Weber. Hull number: P5-free graphs and reduction rules
Mathew Francis, Pavol Hell and Juraj Stacho. Obstructions to chordal circular-arc graphs of small independence number
Abilio Lucena, Alexandre Salles Da Cunha and Luidi Simonetti. A New Formulation and Computational Results for the Simple Cycle Problem
Aaron Williams and Xi Sisi Shen. A 'Hot Potato' Gray Code for Permutations
Henning Bruhn and Maya Stein. Small degree vertices in minimal bricks
Andrea Jiménez. Small degeneracy of antiferromagnetic triangulations
Rafael Araújo, Rudini Sampaio and Jayme Szwarcfiter. The convexity of induced paths of order three
Liliana Alcón, Marisa Gutierrez and María Pía Mazzoleni. On minimal non [h,2,1] graphs
Amanda Montejano and Jorge L. Arocha. Null and non--rainbow colorings of maximal planar graphs
Leonardo Martinez and Luis Montejano. Geometric variants of Hall's Theorem through Sperner's Lemma
Adrián Vázquez, Gabriela Araujo, Amanda Montejano and Luis Montejano. The transversal numbers of linear systems with given $2$-packing numbers.
Ronan P Soares and Nicolas Nisse. On the Monotonicity of Process Number
M. Gisela Bardossy and S. Raghavan. Robust Optimization for the Connected Facility Location Problem
Deborah Oliveros-Braniff, Natalia Garcia-Colin, Amanda Montejano and Luis Montejano. Searching for perfection on hypergraphs
Gabriela Araujo-Pardo and Christian Rubio-Montiel. The $\omega\psi$-perfection of graphs
Andres J. Ruiz-Vargas. Empty triangles in complete topological graphs
Gabriela Argiroffo, Silvia Bianchi and Annegret Wagler. Polyhedra associated with identifying codes
Birgit Vogtenhuber, Oswin Aichholzer and Jorge Urrutia. Balanced 6-holes in linearly separable bichromatic point sets
Joe Sawada, Chinh Hoang and Daniel Recoskie. On k-critical P5-free graphs
Hebert Coelho, Luerbio Faria, Sylvain Gravier and Sulamita Klein. Oriented coloring in planar, bipartite, bounded degree 3 acyclic oriented graphs
Sven Krumke, Alain Quilliot, Annegret Wagler and Jean-Thierry Wegener. Models and Algorithms for Carsharing Systems and Related Problems
Rommel Barbosa, Dieter Rautenbach, Vinicius Fernandes Dos Santos and Jayme L. Szwarcfiter. On Minimal and Minimum Hull Sets
Filip Morić and János Pach. On Schur's conjecture
Gabriela Argiroffo, Valeria Leoni and Pablo Torres. {k}-domination for chordal graphs and related graph classes
Sarah Miracle and Dana Randall. Algorithms to Approximately Count and Sample Conforming Colorings of Graphs
Manoel Campêlo, Karla Lima, Phablo Moura and Yoshiko Wakabayashi. Polyhedral studies on the convex recoloring problem
Manoel Campêlo, Phablo Moura and Márcio Santos. On the representatives k-fold coloring polytope
Pablo M. S. Farias and Ricardo Corrêa. Linear time computation of the maximal sums of insertions into all positions of a sequence
Rafael G. Cano, Cid C. de Souza, Pedro J. de Rezende and Tallys Yunes. Arc-based integer programming formulations for three variants of proportional symbol maps
Marthe Bonamy and Nicolas Bousquet. Recoloring bounded treewidth graphs
Pablo Torres and Mario Valencia-Pabon. On the packing chromatic number of hypercubes
Gabriela Argiroffo, Mariana Escalante and María Elisa Ugarte. The 2-dominating set polytope of cycles and related graph classes
Hidefumi Hiraishi and Sonoko Moriyama. A new infinite family of minimal non-orientable matroids of rank $3$ with $3n$ elements
Isabel Méndez-Díaz, Graciela Nasini and Daniel Severin. An exact DSatur-based algorithm for the Equitable Coloring Problem
Pablo De Caria and Marisa Gutierrez. Introducing subclasses of basic chordal graphs
Boris Albar and Daniel Gonçalves. Too many triangles
Cândida Nunes Da Silva, Lissa Pesci and Cláudio L. Lucchesi. Snarks and Flow-Critical Graphs
Dr. M. Sohel Rahman, Mohammad Kaykobad and Md. Tanvir Kaykobad. Bipartite Graphs, Hamiltonicity and $ \mathbb{Z}$ graphs
Andreas Bley and Mohsen Rezapour. Approximating connected facility location with buy-at-bulk edge costs via random sampling
Pawel Hitczenko and Rudolf Gruebel. Pruned discrete random samples: extended abstract
Silvia Bianchi, Mariana Escalante and María Susana Montelar. A note on the disjunctive index of joined a-perfect graphs
Kaio Karam and C. N. Campos. Fulkerson's Conjecture and Loupekine snarks
Silvia Bianchi, Mariana Escalante, Graciela Nasini and Levent Tuncel. Lovász-Schrijver SDP-operator and a superclass of near-perfect graphs
Gill Barequet, Sarah M. Cannon, Eli Fox-Epstein, Benjamin Hescott, Diane L. Souvaine, Csaba D. Toth and Andrew Winslow. Diffuse Reflections in Simple Polygons
Christoph Dürr and Flavio Guíñez. The Wide Partition Conjecture and the Atom Problem in Discrete Tomography
Aaron Williams and Joe Sawada. Greedy Pancake Flipping
Kathie Cameron, Steven Chaplick and Chinh Hoang. Edge Intersection Graphs of L-Shaped Paths in Grids
Mitre C. Dourado, Dieter Rautenbach, Vinícius G. Pereira de Sá and Jayme L. Szwarcfiter. Polynomial time algorithm for the Radon number of grids in the geodetic convexity
Paola B. Tolomei and Luis M. Torres. On the first Chvátal closure of the set covering polyhedron related to circulant matrices
Elad Aigner-Horev, Hiep Han and Mathias Schacht. Extremal results for odd cycles in sparse pseudorandom graphs
Peter Allen, Julia Böttcher, Hiep Han, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa and Yury Person. An approximate blow-up lemma for sparse pseudorandom graphs